Apple Cake

Tonight I am drinking the Hardywood rum-barrel aged pumpkin ale.  It tastes like a glass of rum, which is something I am surprised by for the not particularly good reason that I was blinded by the word "pumpkin".   I've been on a kick lately of trying out pumpkin beers.  I tried the Devil's Backbone Pumpkin Hunter... Continue Reading →


Beat the Dutch

2 Rules to live by: Any week that ends with brownies can still be said to have ended on a high-note, and Some weeks just need chocolate.   This week could only prove both statements.  Between a house inspection with bad news (for the seller, specifically) and a check-engine light: chocolate might not have solved all... Continue Reading →

State Fair

Today I drove from Charlottesville to Doswell to drop off my pie for the State Fair.  I was checked in by a nice woman who said that my pie looked delicious, and I was flattered by the compliment.  But sitting at home on my porch this evening there's a part of me that has regrets.... Continue Reading →

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